Thursday, 1 March 2012

Boosting Berkshire Hathaway Profits: Through organic growth and through purchasing some large operations.

-  I also included two tables last year that set forth the key quantitative ingredients that will help you estimate our per-share intrinsic value. I won’t repeat the full discussion here; you can find it reproduced on pages 99-100. To update the tables shown there, our per-share investments in 2011 increased 4% to $98,366, and
our pre-tax earnings from businesses other than insurance and investments increased 18% to $6,990 per share.

Charlie and I like to see gains in both areas, but our primary focus is on building operating earnings. Over time, the businesses we currently own should increase their aggregate earnings, and we hope also to purchase some large operations that will give us a further boost. We now have eight subsidiaries that would each be included in the Fortune 500 were they stand-alone companies. That leaves only 492 to go. My task is clear, and I’m on the prowl.

Comment:  In managing Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett's primary focus in on building operating earnings.  He expects his existing companies can increase their aggregate earnings.  He hopes to boost these earnings further through purchasing some large operations.

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