Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Buffett investment thought process

Answering the following questions will guide you through the Buffett investment thought process.


1.  Does the company have an identifiable durable competitive advantage?

2.  Do you understand how the product works?

3.  If the company in question does have a durable competitive advantage and you understand how it works, then what is the chance that it will become obsolete in the next twenty years?

4.  Does the company allocate capital exclusively in the realm of its expertise?

5.  What is the company's per share earnings history and growth rate?

6.  Is the company consistently earning a high return on equity?

7.  Does the company earn a high return on total capital?

8.  Is the company conservatively financed?

9.  Is the company actively buying back its shares?

10.  Is the company free to raise prices with inflation?

11.  Are large capital expenditures required to update plant and equipment?


12.  Is the company's stock price suffering from a market panic, a business recession, or an individual calamity that is curable?

13.  What is the initial rate of return on the investment and how does it compare to the return on risk free Treasury Bonds?

14.  What is the company's projected annual compounding return as an equity/bond?

15.  What is the projected annual compounding return using the historical annual per share earnings growth?

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hs liu said...

i has one stock call Ycob, may i know how to evaluate, it is a value share