Thursday, 14 May 2015

Positive Power of Negative Thinking

Positive Power of Negative Thinking: Great Leaders Build Great Businesses on the Realities of Negative Thinking…

Negative thinking (fear, doubt, worry…) is a fact of life and of business… You can’t stop negative thinking from entering the workplace, but you can stop it from limiting you and your team… The positive power of negative thinking is a check to the natural, irrational exuberance we feel when we try to attain success. Also, by thinking about the negative events, if and when they occur, the bitter taste of their impact will be lessened thanks to planning… According to Michelle Kerrigan; negative thinking is a catalyst in the change process… managing change means managing negative thinking– including your own. True transformation works best when it is driven by emotion and by support, and by believing everything will be OK, after you worry that it won’t… According to Seth Godin; positive thinking and confidence improves performance… whereas, negative thinking feels realistic, protects us, lowers expectations… In many ways, negative thinking is a lot more fun than positive thinking– so we do it… Positive thinking is hard, but worth it… According to J. D. Fencer; positive thinking– it doesn’t guarantee success, but lack of it guarantees failure… But, the facts remain– a healthy dose of both positive and negative thinking are required for a successful business, organization

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