Tuesday, 9 May 2017

JJPTR, lasted barely 2 years before it collapsed in April 2017

Johnson Lee, 29 year old, started this "investment product" promising return of 20% per month on the money invested.

How did he invest these money to get such high returns?

Did the investors ask this simple question before parting with their hard earned money?

I believe many wondered how he was able to promise such high returns and probably knew that this was too good to be true.

However, they threw caution to the wind when their colleagues or friends who entered the scheme earlier started receiving their monthly 20% return of their investment.

The early birds benefited for the period and this attracted the new comers.

Some put a small amount of money initially as a gamble on the scheme, but soon lost control of their emotions, adding more money into the scheme, when they started to receive their 20% returns monthly.

Now that the whole scheme is broken, those who are in it should be prepared to lose a large percentage, if not all, of their invested money.

Sadly, Johnson Lee has announced another scheme, somewhat similar, but now promising 35% return on capital monthly.

Of course, the question that has to be asked is:  If Johnson Lee cannot sustain the previous scheme that promised 20% per month return from investment, how can he hope to sustain this new scheme that promises an even higher return per month?

Those who usually make such proposals are either very confident in their abilities, or are very dishonest, or suffer from delusions on a grandiose scale.

Similar schemes had surfaced and collapsed in the past, leaving many of those who invested in them impoverished.

Why are such schemes so common in Malaysia?

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