Sunday, 9 October 2016

Investing in economic moats. A lot of investors wasted time on margin of safety and suffered a large opportunity cost.

Overestimating and Underestimating an Economic Moat

For those who invest into economic moats, be mindful of two possibilities.

1.   Overestimating a moat:  

This means (over-)paying for value creation that will never materialize.

2.   Underestimating a moat:

This means there is a large opportunity cost.  

On finding a good business opportunity, invest in it as it is going to compound at high rate.  

This avoid the suffering of opportunity cost.

Wasting time on margin of safety and not a lot on opportunity cost is the problem of a lot of investors.

Moats matter in a long run.

Most of the investors own securities for a short period of time.

Moats matter in a long run.

Most investors focus on short-term changes in price and not long term changes in moats.

Finding moats means finding efficiency of business.

Quantitative versus Qualitative factors

The quantitative data in market tends to be very efficiently priced.

Qualitative insight is understanding the structural characteristics of the business.

All the information is in the past, but all the value is in the future.

The future value creation will come from the things you see today and not necessarily the information that occurred in past.

The economic moats have a significant effect in keeping the organizations at the top and it is a good defense of an organization against competitors.

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