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Sun Tzu & The Art of War - Applied to Portfolio & Risk Management

Sun Tzu and the Art of War

It would be helpful for you to have these two texts, especially Clavell's, to reference as you read through these comments.

Once you get past the first section of these comments, Application of Selected Sun Tzu Phrases To Portfolio Management and Risk Management, the following sections are organized to follow the chapter titles in Clavell's book; with Griffith's chapter titles in parentheses, and quotes treated as supplemental information.

Within each chapter section, before each Clavell quote or series of quotes, I have inserted a brief heading label that characterizes the substance of the quote(s) and the companion portfolio management and risk management corollaries.

 Selected Phrases - Application of Selected Sun Tzu Phrases To
                                    Portfolio Management and Risk Management
• Chapter I - Laying Plans (Estimates)
 Chapter II - On Waging War (Waging War)
• Chapter III - The Sheathed Sword (Offensive Strategy)
• Chapter IV - Tactics (Dispositions)
• Chapter V - Energy (Energy)
• Chapter VI - Weak Points & Strong (Weaknesses and Strengths)
• Chapter VII - Maneuvering (Maneuvre)
 Chapter VIII - Variation Of Tactics (The Nine Variables)
• Chapter IX - The Army On The March (Marches)
 Chapter X - Terrain (Terrain)
• Chapter XI - The Nine Situations (The Nine Varieties of Ground)
• Chapter XII - Attack By Fire (Attack by Fire)
• Chapter XIII - The Use Of Spies (Employment of Secret Agents)
• Summary - Summary of The Art Of War as applied to Portfolio and Risk Management.

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