Friday, 13 April 2012

Martin J. Pring's Trading Rules - Webinar

Rule 1: When in Doubt Stay Out
Rule 2: Never Invest or Trade Based on Hope
Rule 3: Act on Your Own Judgment or Else Absolutely and Entirely on the Judgment of Others
Rule 4: Buy Low (into weakness), Sell High (into strength)
Rule 5: Don't Overtrade

Rule 6: After a Successful and Profitable Trading Campaign, Take a Trading Vacation
Rule 7: Take a Periodic Mental Inventory to Check How You Are Doing
Rule 8: Constantly Analyze Your Mistakes
Rule 9: Don't Jump the Gun
Rule 10: Don';t Try to Call Every Market Turn

Rule 11: Never Enter into a Position Without First Establishing a Reward to Risk
Rule 12: Cut Losses Short, Let Profits Run
Rule 13: Place Numerous Bets on Low Risk Ideas
Rule 14: Look Down (at the risk potential) not Up (before your reward potential)
Rule 15: Never Trade or Invest More Than you Can Reasonably Afford

Rule 16: Don't Fight the Trend
Rule 17: Whenever Possible Trade Liquid Markets
Rule 18: Never Meet a Margin Call
Rule 19: If You are Going to Place Stop, Put it in a Logical, Not Convenient Place

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