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Why Invest in Stock Market When There are Other Investment Options?

Advantages of Stock Market Investing

Why I Love Stock Investing So Much

Summarized Overview

In this article you will find information about reasons to why invest in stock market than other investment options, historical stock market performace from 1926 to 1999, short comparison to other investment vehicles, namely mutual funds, real estate and own a business.
Happy Investing!

Three Reasons Why I Invest in Stock Market

Advantages of Stock 1: Own Profitable Businesses

This is the major reason to why invest in stock market. Building own business might be your ambition, especially if you are an employee like me. But no matter how big or small the business you are going to build, it require A LOT of commitment, time and money.
With stock, owning a business is a lot easier, and cheaper too!. Just imagine, owning a business empire without ever showing up at work. You just have to sitback and relax, watch your company growing from time to time.
By the end of the year, you can collect checks from dividend issued. As your company grows, your stock valuation appreciates as well. You will be amazed on how much return you'll be getting by just holding them as long as possible. Does it sound too good to be true?
Advantages of Stock 2: Flexible Holding Position

You can buy more of the same stock if you find it profitable and undervalued. On the other hand, you can sell some or all of them if it is overvalued or the company losses money. Depend on your stock investing strategy, this flexibility can help you achieve your financial goal faster.

Unlike if you had your own business, even if it losses money, you have to stick with it and struggle to make it profitable to cover your ongoing overhead costs. Same goes to real-estate. If you made mistake since the first day you own the properties, you'll end up losing more and more money paying the mortgage with no rental income to cover.
Advantages of Stock 3: Can Do-It-Yourself
What is your primary
investment options?
Cash Deposits
Stock Market
Mutual Funds
Own Business
Real Estate
I can analyze stock profitability, track stock performance, call my broker for transaction and organize my stock investing strategies all by myself. I just have to catch up with few financial ratios either from analyst reports, business magazines, local newspapers or simply from myannual reports collection.
With good time management and focus on your research, all these processes are not require a lot of commitment, really. You don't have tenant to manage, supplier to deal with or customer to face in stock investment.
Unlike mutual funds, you have an absolute control over your investment decision. I can still have fun with my families and concentrate on my working career but make more and more money.

Historical Stock Market Performance

Historical Stock Peformance

The average stock market is growing over time. Even excludingdividends paid, bonus issue or right issue, the stock market still able to grow 11 to 18 per cent per annum. Cool huh? Can you imagine if your stock has above average performace? Believe me, you can reach even 35 per cent return!
This is why invest in stock market is a very attractive options.

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