Thursday, 19 July 2012

Jim Rohn - Three Keys To Greatness

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A guide for teenagers to achieve financial independence and success.

Jim Rohn covers the three places to begin for any teenager (or adult) in their quest for a future full of success, happiness and wealth.

1. Price and promise - the power of vision and setting goals.

2. Personal development - expanding your knowledge through books,
tapes, seminars and other successful people.

3. The principles of wealth - earning, saving, giving and investing.

Over the years, Jim Rohn has heard from thousands of people - many who saw or heard Jim early in their life who later went on to achieve success. Don't let yourself or your family miss out on this powerful 56 minute video that can inspire, teach and lead you to success.

"A very big thank you to Jim, all his staff and all his associates for helping me becoming more valuable to myself, family and the marketplace. Thousands of participants in my banking courses have watched Jim's "3 Keys to Greatness" video. It's been a great way to end my courses. It has been my greatest satisfaction and joy to see faces brighten up as neon signs. They all depart with "It is Possible and I Can" attitudes. May God's best and richest be yours." -- Micah

"I am a huge fan of your "words of wisdom" as I call it. After watching your "3 Keys to Greatness" I have to say, Great, and thanks!" -- Rob McKinney

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