Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Spend Less Than You Earn

Spend Less Than You Earn And Invest The Difference.

Now, too many people these days always complain about not having enough money for saving and investment... you know, your neighbour, your work colleagues, family members, and so on.  But funnily enough, somehow these people always have the means to buy that new car, travel on that exotic holiday and 
purchase that latest computer gadget.

But spending  your cash on such short-term luxuries isn’t going to help you create life-changing wealth from the stock market. Indeed, if you’re really serious about becoming a stock-market millionaire, then you have to make a serious commitment to your spending. In particular, you’ll need:

• to calculate what you can realistically afford to invest each month, allowing for unexpected bills and emergencies;
• to be willing to trim your current expenditure, remembering that every penny saved is a penny earned — and that such savings can also be invested over time and can count towards your million; 
• to be disciplined enough to fund your investment contributions by automatic direct debit, so you’re not tempted to blow your surplus cash, and; 
• to commit to those regular payments over a long-term timeframe — so there’s no cutting corners and/or giving up when the markets undergo a bad patch.

If you can adopt this necessary spending mindset, then you really could be on your way to building a sizeable share portfolio.

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