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Fundamentals of Wealth Management - The Complete Lesson

Published on 7 May 2012
The complete lesson.

Dow Wealth Management offers the services of a world-class investment firm dedicated to improving clients' financial lives and making their futures more secure. As an independent firm, Dow Wealth Management provides objective advice and is committed to excellence for its clients. The Dow family has been investing traditionally in the securities markets since 1937.

Before attempting to structure a portfolio that might be capable of delivering long-term investment success, we must first understand the nature of the financial markets in which we will operate and the inherent limitations we are sure to confront as investors.

This video, Fundamentals in Wealth Management, will help to acquaint the investor with these dynamics and then illustrate how Dow Wealth Management seeks to position its clients' portfolios for long-term investment success. We could call it "How to survive bad markets...and thrive in good ones."

@6.08 The 3 issues addressed in this video.

1. The Life Cycle of Family Wealth: Accumulation, Preservation and Growth of Mature Wealth. Wealth preservation and growth became more important than wealth accumulation.
2. Defining the Investment Problem: The Dow Wealth Management Analysis
3. The Dow Wealth Management Approach

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