Sunday, 18 January 2015

### Attractive Buying Opportunities arise through a Variety of Causes

Attractive buying opportunities for the enterprising investor arise through a variety of causes.

The standard or recurrent reasons are
(a) a low level of the general market and
(b) the carrying to an extreme of popular disfavor toward individual issues.

Sometimes, but much more rarely, we have the failure of the market to respond to an important improvement in the company's affairs and in the value of its stock.

Frequently, we find a discrepancy between price and value which arises from the public's failure to realise the true situation of a company - this in turn being due to some complicated aspects of accounting or corporate relationships.

It is the function of competent security analysis to unravel such complexities and to bring the true facts and values to light.

Benjamin Graham
Intelligent Investor

Attractive buying opportunities (discrepancy between price and value) due to various causes:
1.  low level of the general market
2.  extreme of popular disfavour towards individual stocks
3.  failure of market to respond to improvement in the company
4.  failure to realise hidden value in the company due to some complicated aspects of accounting or corporate relationships

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