Thursday, 16 July 2015

The question to ask yourself: Can I get more for my money somewhere else?

Recognise your mistakes

If you have a good person running the business and the business is not making money, you need to recognise the business is not a good one.  Take action to get out of this business, you are in the wrong business..

When prices fall

I love it when the prices of the things I buy go down.  This applies to stocks too.

Many people think the stock knows more than they do.  So when the stock goes down in price, they think the stock is telling them something.  They take the price as if it is a referendum on themselves versus the stock.

The truth is the stock doesn't know what you pay to own it.  The stock doesn't even know if you own it. You are nothing to the stock.  Yet, the stock is everything to you.  You remembered paying $10.13 for the stock.

The only question to ask yourself:  Can I get more for my money somewhere else?

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