Thursday, 7 April 2016

A Wonderful Company to Invest for the Long Term (Screen 10)

Chart of Revenue, PBT and EPS.over 13 years

Revenue = Red line
PBT = Green line
EPS = Blue line

Chart of EPS, High Price and Low Price over the last 13 years

EPS = Brown line
High Price = Blue line
Low Price = Purple line


This company is LPI.


investbullbear said...

Revenue has grown about 15% per year for many years.
EPS has grown at slightly above 20% per year for many years.
Price of this company has risen, not surprisingly, following its earnings growth.

investbullbear said...

Those who own this counter, LPI, are well rewarded.

investbullbear said...

The share price increased 6 folds over the last 12 years.