Monday, 19 December 2016

Why understanding fundamental analysis is important for investing in stocks?

Fundamental analysis:

Why understanding FA is important? 

FA cannot offer you the magic keys to sudden or instant wealth. If that were true, the Professors of Finance will all be fabulously rich! What FA can do is to provide sound principles for formulating a successful long-range investment program. FA are proven methods that have been used by millions of successful investors.

The motivation for investing in stocks is obvious. It is to watch your money grow.

Why then, for every story of great success in the market, there are dozens more that don't end so well!!!!

More often than not, most of those investment flops can be traced to:

1. Bad timing
2. Poor planning
3. Failure to use common sense in making investment decisions.

Intrinsic Value

The entire concept of stock valuation is based on the idea that all securities possess an intrinsic value that their market value will approach over time.

Security analysis consists of gathering information, organizing it into a logical framework, and then using the information to determine the intrinsic value of common stock.

Given a rate of return that's compatible with the amount of risk involved in a proposed transaction, intrinsic value provides a measure of the underlying worth of a share of stock. It provides a standard for helping you judge whether a particular stock is undervalued, fairly priced or overvalued.

Main message

The aims of fundamental analysis are to determine the asset's intrinsic value and its future growth potential.

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