Sunday, 30 April 2017

Calculating Intrinsic Value

Free Cash Flow of Firm

FCFF = CFO - Capex
Enterprise Value = FCFF / WACC
Enterprise Value = Equity Value + Net Debt
Equity Value = Enterprise Value - Net Debt

Free Cash Flow of Equity

FCFE = CFO - Capex + Net Debt
Equity Value = FCFE / Required rate of return on equity

Equity Value = Intrinsic Value

Investors compare this Equity Value to the Market Value in their investing.

Market Value > Equity Value = Overvalued
Market Value = Equity Value = Fair Value
Market Value < Equity Value = Undervalued

Additional Notes:

Assuming there is no preferred stock outstanding:

Interest*(1–t) is the firm's after-tax interest expense

If company has zero debt, its FCFF = FCFE

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