Tuesday, 18 April 2017

When to Sell?

When to Sell?

Selling “Myths”

• MYTH – Once a stock has doubled our investment it is time to sell.
• MYTH – Wait until a stock is back to even before selling.
• MYTH – Sell if the stock price falls 10% (or some other %) below the
purchase price.
• MYTH – Only sell when your Stock Selection Guide (SSG) says “Sell.”
• MYTH – If a company is meeting our growth expectations, then do
not sell.
• MYTH – Don’t sell a stock until you have found a good replacement.
• MYTH – Sell everything when we are going into a bear market.
• MYTH – Don’t sell because it’s a “good company.”

Valid Reasons to Sell
• When something is truly wrong with the
business and it won’t likely be fixed within a
• When the stock price has risen so much that
future gains are unlikely.
• When you find a better stock. Frequently this is
a back‐door way of exiting a weak holding.

How can you become a better seller?
•Write it down – have written rules for selling just like you do
when buying
•For an investment club – rotate stock assignments so one person
isn’t identified with “her” or “his” stock
•Remember, stocks are a means to an end. The goal is to grow
your wealth. You aren’t being disloyal to a stock if you sell it.


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