Saturday, 3 June 2017

Three common approaches employed in the stock market: Value investing, Growth Investing and Technical Investing

There are essentially 3 types of investing employed in the stock market, namely:
  1. value investing
  2. growth investing
  3. technical investing.

Value investing was taught by Benjamin Graham.

Growth investing was shared by Philip Fisher.

Warren Buffett started off as a strict value investor of Benjamin Graham type.  He has since incorporated a lot of Philip Fisher's teaching into his investing.

In effect, Warren Buffett teaches that value and growth investing are essentially different sides of a same coin.  What is investing if not value investing, that is, buying something for less than its intrinsic value?

Value investing and growth investing are most suited for those with a long term investing horizon.

Most successful long term investors are essentially value investors.

They hold long term portfolios that have compounded in values over a long period of investing.

Technical investing are employed mainly by those with short term focus in their investing.  

The majority of traders in the market are technical "investors".

Additional notes:

Fundamental analysis is both qualitative and quantitative.

In fact, in my practice, qualitative is the more important analysis.

The ability to understand the business ensures that you are investing in a great company within your circle of competence.

Some combine the fundamental with the technical, and feel that they have an edge when doing so.

Personally, technical analysis has played little role in my investing so far.

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