Thursday, 27 September 2018

Why Stocks Perform the Best

Why, exactly, have stocks been the best-performing asset class?

Why should we expect those types of returns to continue?

Why should we expect history to repeat?


Quite simply, stocks allow investors to own companies that have the ability to create enormous economic value.

Stock investors have full exposure to this upside.

Because of the risk, stock investors also require the largest return compared with other types of investors before they will give their money to companies to grow their businesses.

More often than not, companies are able to generate enough value to cover this return demanded by their owners.

Bond investors do  not reap the benefit of economic expansion to nearly as large a degree. 

When you buy a bond, the interest rate on the original investment will never increase. 

Microsoft in 1985:  Buy its bonds or its stocks?

For instance, in 1985,

  • would you have rather lent Microsoft money at a 6% interest rate, or 
  • would you have rather been an owner, seeing the value of your investment grow several-hundred fold?

Your theoretical loan to Microsoft yielding 6% would have never yielded more than 6%, no matter how well the company did.

Being an owner certainly exposes you to greater risk and volatility, but the sky is also the limit on the potential return.

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