Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Six main types of REITs

There are 6 main types of REITs

1.  Office REITs - own and operate office buildings
2.  Retail REITs - own and operate retail properties like shopping centres and shopping malls.
3.  Industrial REITs - own and lease out industrial properties that include light industrial properties, factory space, warehouses, business parks and distribution centres.
4.  Hospitality REITs - own and lease properties to hotels and serviced residences.
5.  Health Care REITs - own health care facilities that are leased to health care providers like hospitals, nursing homes and medical offices.
6.  Residential REITs.- own and operate multi-family rental apartment buildings as well as manufactured housing.

Health care and industrial REITs have the highest yields but the lowest potential for capital gains.
Retail, residential and office REITs have relatively lower yields but greater potential for price appreciation.
Office, hospitality and industrial REITs are highly sensitive to the economy (that is, their business performances are cyclical).

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