Monday, 6 February 2012

Have an opinion on future growth - How can the company increase its earnings?

It is only rational to have an opinion on future growth.  Otherwise, how could you ever choose a stock?

When forming that opinion, back up quantitative information with qualitative factors.

For example, ask what management is doing to make a positive impact on earnings.

According to Peter Lynch, there are 5 basic ways a company can increase earnings:

  • reduce costs; 
  • raise prices; 
  • expand into new markets;
  • sell more of its products to the old markets; or
  • revitalize, close or otherwise dispose of a losing operation.

When management is enacting growth-promoting activities, earnings may be temporarily flat.  They often soon take a giant step up.

Benjamin Graham saw a vulnerability in a high growth rate and in high returns on capital - the two normally go together.

So what's there to worry about in good earnings?  Exceptionally high earnings often attract rough competitors.  

The good part is that high earnings lure enthusiastic new investors, who often bid the share into the stratosphere.

Buy good quality growth companies.
Assess the quality of the business and the management.
Then do the valuation.
These are the basics of the QVM or QMV approach to investing.

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