Friday, 3 February 2012

Make Estate Planning A Priority

Thinking about who will take care of your children or how your assets will be distributed if you die is never pleasant. However, it is important to have a will to provide financial security for your loved ones. If you do not have a will, make it a priority to draw up a will this year. For basic estates, you can use an online website to create a will. However, you should visit an estate planning attorney for more complicated situations. (For more information, see Everything You Need To Know About Wills and Estate Planning.)

If you already have a will, set some time aside to review the will with your spouse to make sure it reflects your current wishes. Evaluate if the people named as guardians of your children are still the best choice. Verify that all beneficiaries of your estate are still the desired recipients and that all are currently living.
Give a copy of your new or updated will to several family members for safekeeping and also keep a copy at your home. Additionally, create a list of all bank accounts, monthly bills, retirement accounts and insurance policies to help your family continue paying your bills and distribute your assets quickly in the event of your death. Keep a copy of the list at your home so you can easily update it. Make sure to tell a family member where it is located.

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