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The Wealthiest Life - Start In The Right Direction

Have you ever thought that your life could be better? It can be!
Start In The Right Direction
Most people step towards wealthy living with great anticipation, looking to everything that will change for the better. This is positive thinking but let us look at two principles that will ensure that your wealth dreams actually become a reality.
Two Keys To Living Wealthy
There are two keys to having the best life you could possibly hope for! 

  • We must dream big dreams and 
  • then commit to small steps that will lead us towards opportunities.

Dream Big
You were not meant to wake up in a year, or five years, and be in the same place that you are today. Dreams are the essence of life progress. Your dreams have the capacity to energize your present and future progress.
Take a pen and paper and write down all the improvements that you would like to see happen in your life. Take time to imagine your best life; see the end (the big picture). Then visualize the necessary changes taking place to propel you in the right direction.
Opportunities for advancement are awaiting each of us. Sadly, few experience the reality of these opportunities manifesting in their lives because they don't see them coming. Dreams open the hidden doorways to future life change.
If you have big dreams, you will eventually live a big life!

Commit To The Small
A very wise man once said, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." - King Solomon (The Book of Proverbs Chapter 13, verse 12)
I have watched people grow extremely bitter as they have allowed their lives to stagnate for decades, simply because they would not take some simple life changing steps.
Experiencing another year will not necessarily change your life unless you commit to personal change in specific areas. Without making selective changes to our life patterns we will most likely remain in the same state for decades. This is a sad truth for many!
Each small step you take to change your life will activate opportunities in corresponding areas. For example, if you lose weight, your self-esteem will rise, your attitudes will brighten, your emotional and physical appeal will advance and you will attract greater relationship opportunities.
Think about how you will move forward emotionally, relationally, physically and financially by making simple adjustments to your lifestyle.
5 Steps Towards Wealthy Living
1. Don't spend what you don't have. If you can't afford something, it's not your time to buy right now.
2. Brainstorm monthly for one creative idea to generate more wealth in your business, or personal finances!
3. Position yourself around people who have a higher net worth than you and ask sensible questions to help you increase financially. Do this at least once a month!
4. Keep track of your daily income and expenses. By making this a daily habit, your finances will never get out of control.
5. Start giving to others and form this as a habit in your life. What you do for others will happen for you in increased measure. This is a principle practiced by rich philanthropists.
If you will dream big wealth dreams and take small steps towards those dreams, doors of opportunity will open in your life for riches to come in!
You can have a wealthy life. Why not start on the path today.

Article Source:

The Wealthiest Life
By Dr Carmen Lynne

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