Friday, 12 April 2013

What are the central issues in this general election? Number 1 issue is addressing CORRUPTION.

What are the central issues in this general election?  

For me, these will be corruption, accountability and transparency.  Other issues of equal importance are economic development and cost of living.

Are these adequately addressed by the main political parties?  How well are the political parties putting forward their arguments to win the debates on these issues?  How well are they in winning the hearts of the people on these issues?

In particular, almost everyone I meet, irrespective of race, have a united view that they perceive corruption is rampant and uncontrolled.  This is their perception and how are the political parties addressing the concerns of the voters on this single issue?

Yes, there are also politicians who are still wearing their racial glasses, spurting out racial issues and negatively talking about racial unrest post election.  Strangely, such exhortations seem to be predominantly from a particular party and not from the other.  Just wondering why.

Do exercise your votes wisely.  You should feel free to exercise your vote to elect the representatives of your personal choice.

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Newbie said...

1. Corruption
2. Safety (constant incident of snatch thief, robbers, muggers, etc)
3. Cost of living (house + car)
4. Racism and fairness
5. The country's financial health (debt + bankruptcy)
6. Education - enough of flip flop and stick to a winning formula if there is one :D