Saturday, 5 October 2013

How to Look for Values in Companies

All you need is to have certain tools to look after your own investing.

@ 3.00  The moment my son turned 18, I invested with him and he is now competent in looking after his own investing.  I believe when he reaches my age, he will be wealthier than I am.

@8.30  US, Japan, Europe, and UK.  Quantitative Easing - To Lower Interest Rates, Lift Asset Prices and Lower Exchange Rates

@ 11.00 My Currency - Your Problem
National Debt solutions - Service it, Default on it, or Inflate it away.

@ 12.40:  Buy inflation beating assets for the long term:  Properties and Shares.

@ 14.18:  How do you value?  PYAD - P/E, Yields, Assets and Debts

@ 16.00:  Cheap rubbish is still rubbish.   What do you do?  Hold or Sell?

@ 17.00:  Benjamin Graham vs Warren Buffett

@ 20.30:  Growth and value are joined at the hip.

@  21.20:  Coca Cola company

@  23.15  Concept of Yield on Cost.

@ 26.20:  "The harder I work, the luckier I am." (Biosensors International)

@ 28.00:  A Healthy Culture

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