Sunday, 25 January 2015

Most security buyers obtain advice without paying for it specifically. You and your financial advisors..

Most security buyers obtain advice without paying for it specifically.

They should be wary of all persons, whether customers' brokers or security salesmen, who promise spectacular income or profits.

This applies both to the selection of securities and to guidance in the elusive art of trading in the market.

For defensive investors

Defensive investors, as we have defined them, will not ordinarily be equipped to pass independent judgement on the security recommendations made by their advisers.

But they can be explicit - and even repetitiously so - in stating the kind of securities they want to buy.

If they follow our prescription, they will confine themselves to US Savings Bonds and the common stocks of leading corporations purchased at levels that are not high in the light of experience and analysis.

The security analyst of any reputable stock exchange house can make up a suitable list of such common stocks and can certify to the investor whether or not the existing price level is a reasonably conservative one as judged by past experience.

For aggressive investors

The aggressive investor will ordinarily work in active co-operation with his advisers.

He will want their recommendations explained in detail and he will insist on passing his own judgment upon them.

This means that the investor will gear his expectations and the character of his security operations to the development of his own knowledge and experience in the field.  

Only in the exceptional case, where the integrity and competence of the advisers have been thoroughly demonstrated, should the investor act upon the advice of others without understanding and approving the decision made.  

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