Saturday, 27 May 2017

Conservation of Value and the Role of Risk. Increasing value through reducing the company's risk and its cost of capital.

Cash flow drives a firm's value creation.

Growth and ROIC generate cash flow.

Value creation

Companies create value:

  • when they grow at returns on capital greater than their cost of capital or 
  • when they increase their returns on capital.
Actions that don't increase cash flows over the long term will NOT create value, regardless of whether they improve earnings or otherwise make financial statements look stronger.

One Exception:  reducing the company's risks or its cost of capital can create firm's value

Actions the company takes to reduce a company's risk and therefore, its cost of capital.

There are different types of risk and it is important to explore how they enter into a company's valuation.

Only risk reductions that reduce a company's nondiversifiable risk will reduce its cost of capital.

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