Monday, 20 August 2018

Net Present Value and Profitability Index

Net Present Value (NPV)

  • an indicator of how much value an investment could contribute to the firm
  • takes into account the concept of time value of money
  • the Present Value Interest Factor (PVIF) Table can be used to calculate present value
  • the criteria below should be considered before accepting for rejecting a project or an investment:
NPV > 0  

The investment would add value to the firm.
The project should be accepted.

NPV < 0

The investment would subtract value from the firm, that means the project reduces shareholder wealth.
The project should be rejected.

NPV = 0

The investment would neither gain nor lose value for the firm.
We would be indifferent in the decision whether to accept or reject the project.  This project adds no monetary value.  Decision should be made based on OTHER CRITERIA.

Total Present Value = sum of the discounted value of all future cash flows.

NPV =  Total Present Value - Total Investment.

Probability Index 

The project is not profitable when its profitability index (PI) is less than 1.00

PI = Total Present Value / Total Investment

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