Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Who said it is impossible to make $$$$$ in bear market?


Dear 陈全兴,

there r 2 choices for one to invest in bear mkt,

1) Buy high dividend yield blue chip stock esp those traded with PE < 10.

2)even if they r not high dividend payer, buy if blue chip selling to u @ around 7+-, it is still worth 4 consideration.

try to avoid property ,GLC n construction stocks, if u doubt , let see what happen to their shares price by end of this year or begining of next year ^V^

Oil n gas srctor also not a bad choice but u r advice to bottom fish them @ PE < 10 also for safe play.


I enjoy visiting the above blog. There are very good advice given on investing by Sam of this blog. I copy and paste here one of his posting above. The advice given are excellent and definitely safe. One can be grateful for such advice given expertly, freely and genuinely.

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