Wednesday, 10 December 2008

****My Investment Philosophy, Strategy and various Valuation Methods

Investment Philosophy and Strategy
Investment, speculation and gambling
My strategies for buying and selling (KISS version)
Investment Policies (Based on Benjamin Graham)
Thriving In Every Market
The Estimate of Future Earning Power

Risks, Rewards, Probabilities and Consequences
Consequences must dominate Probabilities
The risk is not in our stocks, but in ourselves
Behavioural Finance
Strategies for Overcoming Psychological Biases

The Power of Compounding
**Understanding the Power of Compounding
Be like Grace: 5 Lessons From an Unlikely Millionaire
Slow consistent accumulation through the power of compounding
The Master: Warren Buffett 1
What is your optimum Return on Investment?

Strategies: For Buying, Holding and Selling & Portfolio Management
Stock Selling Guide - Gain/Loss Worksheet (Part 1 of 5)
Stock Sale Considerations (Part 2 of 5)
Evaluating Changing Fundamentals (Part 3 of 5)
To Sell or to Hold Checklist (Part 4 of 5)
Selling and Holding mistakes Checklist (Part 5 of 5)
Portfolio Management - Defensive & Offensive strategies
Detail version of To Sell or to Hold & Portfolio Management
My strategies for buying and selling (KISS version)

Strategies: Good Quality Companies with Durable Competitive Advantage
**Exploring Durable Competitive Advantage
Company with Durable Competitive Advantage 1
Selling a unique product 2
Selling a unique service 3
Low-cost buyer and seller of a product or service 4...
Warren's durable competitive advantage companies 5...
Buffett versus Graham 6
Durability is the Ticket to Riches 7
Financial Statement: Where the Gold is Hidden 8
Durable Competititve Advantage - Conclusion 9

Strategies: Asset Allocation & Market PE
Preparing Your Portfolio Is the Most Important Action You Can Take
**A Seven-Step Process for investing in New Assets
**Why Stocks Are Dirt Cheap
20.11.2008 - KLSE MARKET PE

Valuation: Based on Equity per Share
Stock Valuation
Variable values of a dollar of earnings
Assumptions used to calculate value
Stock valuation
Stock valuation 2
Stock Valuation 3
Stock Valuation 4
Stock valuation 5
Stock Valuation 6
Stock valuation 7

Stock Val's@ valuation formula:{[(APC/RR) x Reinvestment + Dividends]/RR} x Equity per share = VALUE

Valuation: Based on Buffett's Equity Bond Concept
Warren Buffett’s Concept of Equity Bond in Action
Warren Buffett's concept of Equity Bond

Valuation: Based on Ben Graham's checklist
Ben Graham Checklist for Finding Undervalued Stocks

Valuation: Discount Cash Flow models (using various types of cash flows)


*****Long term investing based on Buy and Hold works for Selected Stocks

Why Stocks That Raise Dividends Trounce the Market

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