Saturday, 4 February 2012

Warren Buffett Buys High Quality Companies

Warren Buffett loves high quality companies. He buys high quality business and holds them forever. Why? Because high quality companies do well in both good markets and bad markets.

GuruFocus' monthly Buffett-Munger Newsletter features the best Buffett-Munger bargains for today. These are companies of high quality, but that trade at far below their fair values.

Research shows that even in the "lost" decade from 2000 to 2009, high quality company stocks outperformed by more than 10% a year. GuruFocus' Buffett-Munger Screener is for high quality companies at reasonable prices.

In a recent interview Warren Buffett mentioned three companies that he finds attractive. Out of the three companies he mentioned, two of them are listed in GuruFocus' Buffett-Munger screener. Fortune magazine called this an "unintentional endorsement" from Warren Buffett.

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