Monday, 29 April 2013

MalaysiaStock.Biz is an excellent website for those who are investing in the Malaysian Stock Market.

About MalaysiaStock.Biz

MalaysiaStock.Biz provides Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange's (KLSE) share price information, latest announcement for quarter report, dividend news, bonus/rights issue news for all the listed companies in KLSE. This website is also providing information like quarter report history, dividend history and bonus issue & right issue history.

This website is a free channel to access the KLSE market watch information covered from Top Volume, Top Gainers, Top Losers, and up to each categories and individual listed company.

For registered member, you are entitled to the exclusive benefits like portfolio manager, watchlist manager & report analysis tools. Portfolio manager is a management tool for you to keep track all your current portfolio holdings, while watchlist manager is the place for you to monitor your stock list. Both portfolio manager and watchlist manager will summarize all the related dividend news, bonus issue news & rights issue news for all the counters under your portfolio or watchlist. Report analysis tool is a powerful tool for you to shortlisted KLSE counter based on selected criteria. Some of the features are Top 30 Best EPS KLSE Stocks of the Year, Top 30 Best Dividend KLSE Stocks of the Year, 3 Years Continuously Improvement in Dividend and 3 Years Continuously Improvement in Revenue & Profit.

All the services are FREE of charges. Feel free to feedback to us if any so that we can keep improving the website. Thank you.

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Malaysia stock biz is the BEST Malaysian stock website.

Thank you for not shutting down.

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