Friday, 30 April 2010

A quick look at Chin Teck Plantations (30.4.2010)

Chin Teck Plantations Berhad Company

Business Description:
Chin Teck Plantations Berhad. The Group's principal activities are cultivating oil palms, and producing and selling fresh fruits bunches, crude palm oil and palm kernel. It also operates as an investment holding company. As at 31-08-2009, the Group has an additional 856 hectares of old and low yield palms that were planted, which results to 1,433 hectares of replanted and immature area. Operations are carried out wholly in Malaysia.

Wright Quality Rating: DAD8 Rating Explanations
Stock Performance Chart for Chin Teck Plantations Berhad

A quick look at Chin Teck Plantations (30.4.2010)

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