Monday, 26 April 2010

A quick look at PPB (26.4.2010)

PPB Group Berhad Company

PPB is a well-diversified conglomerate engaged in a wide spectrum of activities ranging from sugar refining, flour and feed milling, edible oils processing, oil palm cultivation, environmental engineering and waste management, shipping, commodity trading, film exhibition and distribution to property development.

Business Description:
PPB Group Berhad. The Group's principal activities are cultivating and refining sugar. Other activities include wheat and maize trading, flour milling, manufacturing of animal feed, exhibition and distribution of cinematograph films, manufacturing of chemical products, development of residential and commercial properties, construction works specialising in water and environmental industry, provision for waste management, manufacturing of steel drums, plastic containers, polyethylene and polypropylene woven bags and fabric, production of day-old chicks and eggs, engineering contracts, shipping, and investment holding. The Group operates in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, East Asia, Other Asean countries, East Asia, other Asia countries, European countries,America and Asia Pacific countries and other countries.

A quick look at PPB (26.4.2010)

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