Friday, 17 December 2010

5 minute screening test to select the companies you wish to do deeper analysis

Investing is fun especially when you have a good strategy that is delivering positive returns consistently.  Patience is required to maximise returns.

Do you have a quick way to select the companies you wish to do deeper analysis?  It is very useful to have a good screening method that you can quickly apply to select these stocks, preferably within a short time of not more than 5 minutes.

Let me share here one of my screening methods.

1.  Selecting Growth Stocks

Look at  the Revenue, PBT and Earnings (or diluted EPS) over a 5 or 10 year period.

Select those companies that can deliver both topline and bottomline growths of 15% or more.

2.  The earnings must translate into positive CFO and positive FCF (= CFO-Capex).

3.  The debt of the company must be reasonable.  Debt/Equity < 50%.

4.  The PBT margin must be growing or at least maintain over these years.  Gross margin of at least 50% and net margin of at least 10%.

5.  Preferably the cash and cash equivalent should be more than the total debts of the company.

6.  ROE of at least 15%.

7.  The company should have declared dividends regularly, preferably also increasing dividends over the years.

8.  DPO ratio should be less than 50% and more than 30%.

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