Sunday, 1 July 2018

Study the best to become the best. Study and learn from Warren Buffett.

Study the best to become the best.  Study Warren Buffett. and learn from him.

1.   Warren is the Best

Warren is the best at creating wealth by investing in other people's businesses.  No one comes a close second.

Warren studies the best in every field of endeavour.  Wise investors study and understand Warren Buffett.

2.  Wealth is created through owning a business.

Wealth is created through owning a business.  Wealth is also best preserved through owning a business.  These concepts are the essence of capitalism. 

Warren has become the world's foremost capitalist by deploying earnings from various enterprises into the ownership of more businesses in order to generate more earnings to redeploy - a virtual snowball at the top fo an economic mountain with enough time to create a huge, ever-expanding and momentum-increasing capital avalanche.

3.  Stay focus through investing in someone else's businesses

The best athletes become the best at focusing all of their gifts, time and energy on becoming the best in their sport.  Likewise, unless one has the benefit of inheritance or marriage, great fortunes have been created by an entrepreneur who focused all of his or her gifts, time, and energy on one business. 

Only one person has created billions in wealth by not only investing in someone else's businesses and managers in which to invest.  Others can do this - simple in theory and practice, but not easy.

Buffett announced that if he were managing money in the millions instead of billions, he could compound money at an even faster rate - probably twice as fast - which has always been and will always be the average-investor advantage.

Take home messages:

Warren Buffett hasn't invented anything new and doesn't own any patents.  He has never started a business an has never taken on the day-to-day management of one.  The Oracle of Omaha is so good that he doesn't even need to talk with management, access inside information, or even visit company headquarters of the businesses in which he invests. 

Assuming, however, that you study, understand, and employ the same Buffett principles, you too can achieve outstanding market-beating results.  Knowledge counts more than experience and business contacts.

Buffett's life is one of extraordinary wealth built on exemplary character traits.

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