Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A quick look at Xingquan

Xingquan International Sports Holdings Limited Company

Business Description:
Xingquan International Sports Holdings Limited. The Group's principal acitivities are manufacturing shoe soles and shoes and selling shoe soles, shoes, apparels and accessories. Other activities include investment holding, provision of management services and lease of factory and land.
Wright Quality Rating: LANN Rating Explanations

Stock Performance Chart for Xingquan International Sports Holdings Limited

Yr. End
QtrPeriod EndRevenue
RM '000

Date Announced: 25.2.2010
Xingquan-Q2 '10 Results.pdf

A quick look at XINGQUAN


This is yet another recent IPO.  I am wondering why 'anonymous' likes IPOs.

Given its short history, one will not be able to assess with confidence the quality of this company.  Moreover, the integrity of the management is unknown and yet to be proven.  In the absence of a track-record, those wishing to buy into this stock should treat this more a speculation rather than an investment as defined by Benjamin Graham.

An additional note on valuing this stock.  When the price of a stock is low, all the valuations matrix look very 'beautiful'.  This is something one should beware and take note of.

Always invest into quality company and a good management.  In the absence of these, move on to another stock; don't even bother to value the stock.

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