Saturday, 12 June 2010

Is our society changing for the better?

An important plan was released in the form of the 10 MP yesterday.  Yet browsing the news today in the Star, there is hardly any relevant news of note to read.  There isn't any intelligent views reported.  If there were views expressed, perhaps the reporting was rather inadequate or superficial.

How can Malaysians hope to improve their society and their quality of living when news that are central to their living are being suppressed or alternate opinions kept away from intelligent scrutiny?  Is this the society our present PM hope to nurture?  It takes a brave and great leader to initiate change in society for the better and for all.  Has such a man or woman appeared in our political scene?

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snowball said...

I think it is partly down to two reasons:

1. Some intelligent views may be too critical of the plan, as such, been barred from being published.

2.Malaysians today simply do not care much about the serious stuff anymore. Looked at the most read news in the star. It always have to do with sex etc. Facing such a pressure, the news editor need to downgrade themselves and report less important stuff to maintain their readership.

I am saddened that newspaper in Malaysia are facing a decline in quality. I have given up reading most of the Malaysian paper as the editorials are mostly sub-par. But the trend do not just happened in Malaysia, it happened in other countries too. The difference is some countries actually launched a different paper to cater to the crowd that prefer the popular news i.e. sex scandals and stuff while maintaining the integrity and quality of the existing paper. But, in Malaysia, it seems that paper like the Star is facing a decline in quality. They are some good journalist left in the Star i.e. P.Gunasegaran but the rest seemed to be unable to asked tough questions.