Thursday, 22 March 2012

Learning Value Investing

Simply Investing Course Outline
Module 1 - Introduction (14 minutes). Watch this module for free, here.

What Will You Learn In This Course?
My Story
Investing Myths
What is a Stock?
What is a Dividend?
What is the Stock Market?
What is Value Investing?
Module 2 – Rules of Simply Investing (65 minutes)

12 Rules of Simply Investing

Module 3 – Plan A: Do-it-Yourself, Applying the 12 Rules (27 minutes)

Plan A versus Plan B
Plan A (hands-on exercise)
Module 4 – Plan B: Do-it-Yourself With Help, Saving Time (20 minutes)

Plan B

Quality resources available to save you time and money
Module 5 – Buying, Selling, Portfolio, Risk (38 minutes)

When Should You Sell a Stock?
How Do You Buy Stocks?
5 Reasons Why Mutual Funds Fail
Building a Portfolio
Tracking a Portfolio
Managing Risk
Getting Started Right Away
Investing Myths
Investing Facts

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