Sunday, 3 May 2009

Uncle Chua's Portfolio & Dividend Income

Uncle Chua's Portfolio & Dividend Income

This is a true story told by the remisier in his book. The story of Uncle Chua, an elderly man, who was barely literate and knew nothing about market tantrums or even how to use the Teletext facility on his TV set to monitor his portfolio of stocks. He managed to accumulate an incredible wealth in excess of $17,000,000 (Seventeen million dollars) by investing in stocks and shares alone.

Here is Uncle Chua's portfolio & dividend income, reproduced here as accurately as was depicted in the book:

He made it all from the market with an initial capital of a couple of hundred thousand dollars that he saved from many years of running a business in the shipping industry that he started in his late 30s.

Was this a miracle, pure luck, a fairy tale or bullshit? Let's learn a few lessons from this story later.

Reference: Why am I always Lo$ing in the Stock Market? Publisher: Heritt & Company

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