Saturday, 20 February 2010

Is it possible to have this level of understanding of the stock market?

Is it possible to "figure out" the stock market like geniuses in movies?

The movie "Vitus" features a child-genius that simply understands the stock market and invests about 350,000 dollars of his Grandpa’s money (with his permission) and turns it into over 5 million in a couple days. Is it possible to have this level of understanding of the stock market?


Unless you are pump & dumping then its not possible to turn 350k into 5 million in a few days unless you are manipulating the market (which is illegal)

If you wanted to turn 350k into 5 million in a few days, what i would recommend is buying a very thinly traded stock (like 25k shares per day) with a low price that has options to trade. Say the stock costs 5$ per share. Then you would buy maybe 3500 7.50 call options of the same month and that would cost about 122k if your average price was 35 cents. Then once you have the options the price of the stock will rise because people will notice the buying. Then you use the other 225K you have in your account to start buying the stock. You will be able to buy about 45k shares. Now the only problem is you have to hope some computer monitored software program in some hedgefund isnt scanning stocks looking for a pattern like this cause they will know what you are doing and sell into you and sell into you hard. They will put up a short sale wall at 5.50 or 6 dollars and keep dropping the price 10 cents every few minutes, never letting the stock get up to 7.50 and before you know it, this hedge fund has pushed the stock down to 3 bucks per share and you got a margin call.

So is it possible? yes. Is it possible that 1 person can see what you are doing and block you from doing it. YES. The guys with the billion dollar funds are the ones that control the markets which is why you can be the smartest guy in the world and if you are underfunded you cant beat the market with strategys, only with luck.

You really need to have at least a few million to start if you want to pull some kind of strategy like that off.


No. The stock market is very intricate and very volatile. A single event can have a tremendous (and unforeseeable) impact on the stock market (wars, a positive/negative announcement by a prominent economic figurehead, etc.). There is no way for people to truly know what will happen.

Investors who make large amounts of dollars playing the stock markets are able to do so because they spend hours upon hours studying various stocks and analyzing growth patterns to determine which stock they should invest in. However, even these people do not claim to have figured out the stock market. You ask any investor, no matter how successful, and they’ll tell you that at one point or another they have lost a sizeable amount of money. The “trick” to their success is knowing stuff like what the company they invested in is going through, if there will be a change in leadership, if the company is doing something different, etc. and then deciding whether or not to hold on to the stock based on that information.

The stock market is really interesting, and I could write a lot about it on here. Each person has their way of playing the stock market, so each person will have a different answer as to how you should go about it. If you’re thinking about getting started, I hear a good place to go to is the Motley Fool; they seem to have good tips and advice.

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