Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Man who Quantifies Everything

I know this man.  He measures everything.  He knows the length of his feet.  He knows the height of the tree.  He knows his heart rate.  He knows how long it will take to complete his walk.  He never stops measuring.  He frames his world on measurements.  He performs very well in his work and life.

Well, in investing, to be successful you should do likewise.  An investor should measure or quantify his investments through careful analysis. 

Benjamin Graham:  " Additionally , we hope to implant in the reader a tendency to measure or quantify.  For 99 issues out of 100, we could say that at some price they are cheap enough to buy and at some other price they would be so dear that they shoudl be sold.  The habit of relating what is paid to what is being offered is an invaluable trait in investment..."

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