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Bursa 4Q net profit RM96.3m vs RM13.52m yr ago

Bursa 4Q net profit RM96.3m vs RM13.52m yr ago

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Written by Joseph Chin
Thursday, 04 February 2010 13:19

KUALA LUMPUR: BURSA MALAYSIA BHD [] posted RM96.31 million in net profit for the 4Q ended Dec 31, 2009, up 612% from RM13.52 million a year ago, mainly due to the RM76.0 million gain on disposal of 25% stake in Bursa Malaysia Derivatives.

The stock exchange operator said on Thurdsay, Feb 4 that the group's 4Q09 operational profit (excluding gain on disposal of 25 per cent equity interest in Bursa Malaysia Derivatives) was RM20.3 million, up 50% from 4Q08.

"This was mainly due to the improvement of sentiments in the securities market towards the end of the year," it said. It recommended dividend of nine sen per share for 4Q09 compared with 7.8 sen in 4Q08.

Revenue was RM157.39 million versus RM71.11 million, earnings per share were 18.2 sen versus 2.6 sen.

Equities trading revenue recorded an increase of 30% to RM33.7 million in 4Q09 compared to 4Q08.
  • Daily average trading value for on-market trades (OMT) and direct business trades (DBT) was higher at RM1.21 billion (4Q08: RM0.91 billion).

Derivatives trading revenue recorded a decline of 20 per cent to RM8.2 million in 4Q09 compared to 4Q08.
  • The decrease was primarily due to a drop in total number of contracts traded to 1.36 million contracts in 4Q09 (4Q08: 1.45 million contracts) following the lower interest in FKLI contracts.

Stable revenue increased by 19% to RM28.3 million in 4Q09 compared to 4Q08 primarily due to
  • higher public issue fees as a result of an increase in number of allotment for initial public offerings (IPOs),
  • higher CDS fees in line with the improvement in the securities market,
  • higher additional issue fees as a result of an increase in the number of new call warrants listed and
  • higher additional listing fees as a result of an increase in corporate activities mainly from rights issuance.

For FY09,
  • net profit was RM177.58 million versus RM104.42 million in FY08.
  • Revenue was RM402.42 million compared with RM331.67 million.

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