Thursday, 5 March 2020

The Complete VALUE IMVESTING Guide That Works! by K C Chong (Published 2020)

I picked up this book in Popular Bookshop last week for RM 69.90 and has read many pages.

The author K C Chong has been an active participant in i3 investor forum,  and has shared his investing knowledge generously with the many readers in that forum for many years.

You can now refer to this fine book for the many knowledge, and more, that  K C Chong has shared.

Congratulations to K C Chong.

Section 1: Before starting to invest
Section 2: The Stock Market
Section 3: Value Investing, the proven successful investing framework
Section 4: Stock Analysis
Section 5: Investing in good companies at reasonable or cheap price
Section 6: Some proven successful investing strategies
Section 7: Miscellaneous topics

Who is KC Chong?

KC Chong is a retired qualified engineer with more than 40 years of experience in stock investing. He is a dedicated value investor & has coached more than 1,000 students on fundamental value investing. He has a Master in Finance degree & writes frequently on investing & personal finance.

Comments by Cold Eye

Cold Eye "Currently there is a shortage of good reading materials on fundamental investing written by local investment gurus for investor especially stock market newbies. The series of articles written by Mr. KC Chong have certainly helped to fill the vacuum. I am confident that this book will bring a lot of benefits to those looking for guidance. I therefore strongly recommend this book to those who are keen to sharpen their acumen in share investments.

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