Saturday, 20 February 2010

Dutch Lady posts 4Q net profit of RM16.05m, warns of difficult year

Dutch Lady posts 4Q net profit of RM16.05m, warns of difficult year

Written by The Edge Financial Daily
Thursday, 18 February 2010 20:01
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KUALA LUMPUR: DUTCH LADY MILK INDUSTRIES BHD [] posted net profit of RM16.05 million in the fourth quarter ended Dec 31, 2009, up 16.6% from RM13.76 million a year ago as it benefited from favourable dairy raw material prices and effective marketing activities.

However, the company's board expects a difficult year ahead because of an anticipated increase in dairy raw material prices and increased competition.

It said today revenue rose 2.5% to RM169.52 million from RM165.34 million. Its pre-tax profit rose to RM22.99 million from RM19.24 million. Earnings per share were 25.08 sen versus 21.51 sen. It proposed a final dividend of 10 sen, less 25% income tax, and five sen, tax exempt amounting to a total net dividend of RM 8 million (12.5 sen net per share).

However, profit before taxation for 4Q was lower at RM23 million compared with RM26.9 million in 3Q2009, mainly due to higher advertising and promotions costs and lower selling prices.


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