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Valentine's Day: Top 10 tips for flirting

Valentine's Day: Top 10 tips for flirting
Flirting tips from the experts.

By Casilda Grigg
Published: 12:21PM GMT 12 Feb 2009

valentines day- top 10 tips for flirting Photo: Universal Studios

# Listen to what the other person is saying – it’s the most seductive thing in the world.
# Smile. ''When you smile you secrete hormones that make you feel good,’’ says Pete Cohen.
# Think positive. ''Don’t talk yourself into doubt, fear and angst,’’ says Peta Heskell.
# Try to stay calm. ''It’s like a radio station,’’ says Cohen. “If you are coming from Nervous & Anxious FM you’ll be transmitting that.’’
# Be comfortable in your skin. Natural flirts include Brad Pitt, George Clooney and even David Beckham.
# Don’t limit your efforts to people you fancy. Connect with people randomly. It’s a great way of building up flirting skills.
# Look at the other person properly. Successful flirting is all in the eyes.
# Don’t be afraid to use props. Dogs, hats and even spare babies (not your own) are natural conversation starters.
# Try not to argue with compliments. If a man admires your outfit resist the urge to say “What, this old rag? I bought it for two quid at Oxfam”. Just say thank you and move on.
# Avoid the impulse to tell sad loser stories, however entertaining and witty. Aim for a playful, light-hearted, spontaneous mood. Never mention exes.

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