Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Politicians should not assume that the Malaysian voters are not smart.

'Exodus at MCA dinner not sign of flaccid support'

Politicians should not assume that the voters are not smart.  In fact, the Malaysian voters are very intelligent in exercising their votes.  This was evident over the many elections over the years since Independence.  Let us bring forth a new political era whereby the government is a clean, efficient, responsible and responsive one.  Above all, everyone will benefit from having a good government in place.  For this, our institutions need to be respected and strengthened.  Due respect to the processes should be in placed and applied fairly and equally to all.  The checks and counter-checks to ensure an efficient, clean, and responsive government should be in placed.  

The focus should be on issues.  Addressing these issues adequately and pragmatically is the least demanded of the politicians by the voters.  Issues should be debated responsibly, carefully and intelligently in the context of our multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-racial country.  The politicians with integrity, intelligence and who are willing to work hard, should be elected to serve.

Since the last election, there was enough time for parties to reform their political agenda and directions to accommodate the changing views and desires of the Malaysian.

This forthcoming election is above all allowing Malaysians to freely exercise their rights as citizens to pick the good government that they wish to have in place.  Hopefully, through our democratic processes and the high quality responsible leaderships provided by the leaders of all parties, Malaysians can be proud of the outcome of any elections carried out irrespective of whichever party wins.

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