Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What to Do in a Down (Bear) Market?

The stock market often falls under the conditions of the so called bull and bear markets.  Intelligent investors are well familiar with the conditions of both and know exactly what to do. 

Under a down market you have several options.

- One of them is to sell immediately in order to minimize your losses.

- Another option is to let the market work its way through the problem with no action from your side.

- A third option is to benefit from the stock decline and add some more to your portfolio. But, this should be done only if you don't perceive that there is something wrong with the company that has led to the stock decline.

Final Piece of Advice

Never forget that it is important to base your decisions on knowledge not on feelings. This means that being educated about the company and the industry from which your stocks come from, the market conditions under which you operate will be of small importance to you.

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