Thursday, 16 August 2012

Do yourself a favour, invest in your financial education before you invest in the markets

"Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing." 

Risk can be alleviated with proper education and experience.  This is the same process that you must commit to undertake when you decide to invest in any market.  First and foremost, you must get yourself educated. 

It is strange that most parents would not think twice to pay high school fees to send their kids to university, when there is no real guarantee that they will succeed in life after getting their degree.  However, when it comes to paying for financial education, where there is a chance they can lose all of the kids' education funds, many people shy away because of the price.  Instead, they would rather risk their hard earned money in a market or instrument that they have little knowledge of, or worse, investing based on rumours or tips from various unverified sources.

Most people are attracted by the myth of quick, easy money from investing (or trading) but fail to understand that it takes a lot of hard work to be successful.  Everyone equates being a doctor or lawyer to earning lots of money.  But it is also common understanding that to be a doctor or a lawyer requires one to put in many years of education and practice before one can be successful.  Ask anyone about his or her current job and you would most likely get the same response that hard work is the norm.  How then can it be different for investing (and trading)?

"Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing" 
- a famous quote from Warren Buffett.  

It sounds simplistic, but it epitomises the real meaning of the work "Risk".

Any instrument, be it stocks or forex will be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.  it is not the instrument but the level of the investor's understanding of the instrument and the market that determines his risk level.  So, do yourself a favour, invest in your financial education before you invest in the markets. 

Here is another quote from Mr. Buffett: "The most important investment you can make is in yourself.."

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