Thursday, 16 August 2012

Risk is Manageable: Actively Managing Risk

Risk avoidance strategy:  Actively Managing Risk

This is primarily a trader's approach - and a key to Soros's success.

Managing risk is very different from reducing risk.  If you have reduced risk sufficiently, you can go home and go to sleep.  Or take a long vacation.

Actively managing risk requires full-focused attention to constantly monitor the market (sometimes minute-by-minute); and the ability to act instantly with total dispassion when it's time to change course (when a mistake is recognised, or when a current strategy is running its course).

Soro's ability to handle risk was "imprinted" on him during the Nazi occupation of Budapest, when the daily risk he faced was death.

His father, being a Master Survivor, taught him the three rules of risk which still guide him today:
1.  It's okay to take risks.
2.  When taking a risk, never bet the ranch.
3.  Always be prepared to beat a hasty retreat.

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